1998-2009, 2006-2007 (website), 2009 (website) Edit

Discovery Channel 1995

This logo is one of the most famous logos in Eruowood. It is still used on their website.

Discovery Channel 2000

Alternate version, used on their website from 2007-2009.

2009 (main logo), 2009-present (alternate logo) Edit

Discovery Channel 2008

This logo was only used for a few months in 2009, and then it became an alternate logo.

2009-present Edit

Discovery Channel 2009

2009-present (alternate logo) Edit

Discovery Channel logo

This logo started being used in 2009 as the app icon, the icon for the website, and it also appeared on Discovery Channel games.

2009-present (alternate logo) Edit

DSC DGlobe 2016 Reverse

This logo appears on the channel in some promos, and as a screen bug. It also appears in print and newer Discovery Channel games.